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About Audrey S. Geyer

My story, like many great transformation stories that women go through, began with burnout. 


At age 22, I was eating clean, hitting the gym 6 days a week, and doing all the things I was told by the diet and fitness industry that I should do-- but I had low thyroid and Hashimotos, my stress hormones were through the roof, and my PMS included nearly two weeks of psychological symptoms in the form of depression, anxiety, and irritability. I felt defeated and frustrated that despite my best efforts, I still felt terrible! 


I grew up hearing about hormones from my dad, who was an endocrinologist, but when I faced my own struggles, my interest really took off. I realized then that many women experience struggles with their hormonal health, but don’t always fall into “disease range,” have a medical condition, or recieve a diagnosis. 

In some ways, we’ve normalized women not feeling good to such an extent that women often don’t believe they can truly feel amazing!

Over the last 6 years, I’ve cultivated a lifestyle around the ebbs and flows of female hormones to naturally balance my hormones. I flipped the stereotype of the “hormonal woman” on it’s head and learned to create SUPERPOWERS from the body that God gave me.

I’m passionate about teaching ambitious, active women how to naturally balance their hormones so that they can do more of what matters to them, while feeling the energy, confidence, and health they desire.

Clients I work with boast improvements like PMS-free cycles, less stress, more energy, better moods, improved relationships, clear skin, and less bloating!

Outside of my business, I’m a wife to my best friend (his name is Jacob and he’s also the man behind the camera-- the real MVP!), dog mama of two, follower of Jesus, yoga and fitness instructor, and I always love a good book or podcast.

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