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Beauty by Earth Natural, Non-Toxic Self-Tanner

Growing up, my family was always big on protection from the sun. My grandparents grew up in Havana, spent a lot of time in the sun without protection, and as a result, my family has a history of skin cancer. I spent nearly every summer visiting them in Miami and going to beaches and their pools-- but with SPF and never when the sun was too high. 

As I got a little bit older, I rebelled and tried nearly every kind of tan and self-tan there is! Some looked good, but were horrible for my skin (like tanning beds). Others looked good, but had harmful, hormone-disrupting chemicals (many self-tanners contain parabens and other potentially dangerous ingredients), so they weren't as much of a "healthy, sunless alternative" as they claimed. Then, of course, there were the self-tanners that looked just plain awful! 

Over the years, I’ve thankfully learned to lean more into embracing natural beauty and taking a balanced beauty approach.

For me, Balanced Beauty means two things: 

  1. Embracing your natural look and appreciating the features and flaws that God gave you! Finding your own unique style, treating your skin, hair, and body with care.

  2. Using safe, healthy products that will set you up for long-term success. I always suggest that you use non-toxic ingredients, opt for natural and organic beauty products as much as possible, or work with a trusted medical professional or esthetician on what is best for you!

I was so excited to discover the Think Dirty app that lets you search for products or scan barcodes and easily get a score on how “clean” (safe and non-toxic) or “dirty” (containing harmful ingredients) a product is! It gives you a breakdown of the ingredients to learn more, and it's so convenient.

I was so happy to find that when I searched “Self Tanner” one product immediately stood out over all the others as being both clean and highly rated: Beauty by Earth

Beauty by Earth Self-Tanner contains DHA that’s naturally derived from organic sugar cane and has a list of ingredients that are easy to pronounce, like Aloe Vera, Shea Butter, Green Tea Extract, Pomegranate, Coconut Pulp, Argan oil, and more. Plus, at only $30.99 for a generously sized bottle (7.5 fl. oz.), the cost is super reasonable and didn’t give me sticker shock-- always a plus! The entire company and every single product they sell is cruelty free (Leaping Bunny Certified), gluten-free, natural ingredients/USDA organic, and free of parabens, sulfates, phthalates, triclosan, and petroleum. 

I immediately knew this was a purchase I felt good about making!

When my package arrived, I exfoliated well and made sure to moisturize two days leading up to my first application. I showered, dried off completely, and then applied the self-tanner the same way I would a lotion, except feathering off around the elbows, knees, and ankles to avoid those areas getting too dark (I use a big, fluffy drugstore makeup brush that cost me around $3 to help with that).

It took a minute to absorb fully, but it has a light, pleasant smell (no artificial “fragrances” or self-tanner stink) and my skin immediately felt nice and smooth once it was applied! Within just a few hours, a beautiful, golden tan developed. It stayed for about 5 days, faded evenly, and I felt so confident and reassured knowing the tan not only look fabulous, but also matched my lifestyle and wouldn't be a health risk. After several applications, I've had zero streaks or breakouts! I'm sold.

I like my tans to be a medium tone, but if you like to be darker, Beauty by Earth can be easily layered. Because of the clean ingredients, you can use this on your face too-- but if you have particularly oily or sensitive skin, they have a beautiful face tanner too!

I love the look that Beauty by Earth Self-Tanner provides while having amazing, naturally sourced ingredients and being a company that shows integrity through their products, values, and pricing. 

Because my mission is to empower holistic, high-performing women by teaching you to optimize and bio-hack your personal growth and self-care strategies, I knew that Beauty by Earth was another brand that aligns with women like us! What better way to add something to your beauty routine that supports your health and gives your skin an extra dose of TLC before you go out?! I’m so grateful to share that I’m now partnering with them, and have a link where you can explore their products and make a purchase if you find something you love:


At no additional cost to you, using my BBE affiliate link earns a small commission for my brand. Are you interested in seeing more clean beauty products on my blog and Instagram? Let me know what questions you have or what else you want to see by filling out my contact form or sending me a DM!


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