5 Women's Health Apps You'll LOVE

Updated: Apr 12

One advantage of modern technology is that we can have free or affordable health resources in the palm of our hands & available to us on-the-go! Today I’m spilling the contents of my “Women’s Health App” folder saved on my iPhone so that you can download them for yourself!

1) TempDrop FemTech at its best! TempDrop is part app, part device-- and if you’re looking for more insight on your hormonal health or a natural alternative to birth control through practicing Fertility Awareness Method, you need to buy a TempDrop band to help you out! TempDrop is worn on your upper arm overnight and measures your basal body temperature while you sleep. Your results sync up with the app and it builds you a chart throughout your cycle so you can see when you’re not ovulating, have just ovulated, and when your period will begin. Because it’s algorithm is so intelligent and continuously reads your temperature, this can also be used if you have irregular sleep patterns, irregular cycles, PCOS, are a shift worker, or are breastfeeding. Use this link for a discount on the Confidence or Freedom package!

2) Clue Clue has been my ride or die for 7 years! It has a very clean looking, easy to use interface and will update it’s predictions about your period and potential fertile window based on the information you input (note: please make sure you’re tracking biomarkers and not solely relying on an app to make this prediction for you, this technology is a two way street). It can also easily show you average cycle length, period length, and cycle variation. 3) Rosy Rosy is a revolutionary new sexual wellness app for women! It’s designed by doctors and psychologists to serve the 43% of women who report having some kind of sexual problem. They recommend evidence-based lifestyle interventions and use easy-to-watch video clips to teach! Since this has historically been such a taboo topic, I’m so grateful to see Rosy stepping up and empowering women’s sex lives in a holistic, wellness-focused way! 4) Calm Calm is the #1 app for mindful meditation, sleep, and relaxation. I’ve used Calm for over a year now and it’s helped me prioritize short, but effective meditations, as well as helped me fall asleep on a few nights where I felt restless. It has Daily Calm meditations that last about 10 minutes and have a new theme every day, timed meditations, meditation series if you want to go for a streak, music, and my favorite-- SLEEP STORIES! I love listening to sleep stories if I take a power nap. My favorites are the travel inspired ones, especially Belize, Once Upon a Time in Bavaria, and Blue Gold.

5) Mealtime Meal prep made easy! Mealtime allows you to select meals that you want to try, then instantly builds you out a grocery list based on your selections! Whether you’re feeling like eating a plant-based meal, something with meat, easy breakfast ideas, or want a meal that has a particular cooking method (baked, grilled, pan-fried, etc.), it has tons of options you’ll love!

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