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March Self-Care Favorites

Self-care is an important part of living a healthy, balanced lifestyle. When a woman takes care of herself and treats her energy & body like its special, that translates to her confidence, relationships, and work because it makes her feel positive and gives her longevity in her goals.

I love sharing different self-care tips, tricks, and products on my Instagram, so now I’m going to save my current self-care favorites in one place so that you can find them easily and shop!

Here are my March Self-Care Favorites:

1) Scheduling Time in Nature: As women, we're environmentally sensitive creatures. We're busy, using more technology than ever, and are just seeing the first signs of Spring after a cold winter. Like many other women, I also have a Vitamin D deficiency... so between that and the desire to lower my stress and connect with myself, I knew that I had to start prioritizing time in nature. In order to take a no excuses approach, I decided to start adding time in nature to my schedule. It's on Google Calendar and my planner so that I remember to value this part of self-care and not put it on the back burner. Spending time in nature is the ultimate self-care and will lower your cortisol, boost your Vitamin D levels, and reset your circadian rhythm. Try it out and see how you feel!

2) This Bathtub Caddy Tray: BEST PURCHASE OF THE YEAR! Now taking baths is 100x better because I have a place to put my book or laptop, a tea mug or glass of wine (it actually has a wine glass holder!), and a candle. Especially during Luteal phase, I love soaking in the tub to unwind and relax. The caddy is also super affordable, adjustable for the size of your tub, & great quality! Shop my Amazon link to get it. You'll be so glad you did!

3) Adrenal Creamsicle: Since Spring will officially be here soon, I'm really in the mood for warm weather-- and this adrenal-nourishing mocktail tastes like a vacation! This is the perfect drink to make when you want something thirst quenching and blood sugar balancing, especially during times of high stress. Check out the full blog post for the recipe & details! 4) Dry Brushing: Shed layers of dead skin and support lymphatic drainage in one easy step! Dry brushing is so affordable and only takes 2 minutes before your shower to give you softer skin and support your body's detox process.

5) CBD Hair Products: In case you haven't seen, I'm now obsessed with CBD hair products! I've partnered with The Trusted Lab, a female-owned & American-made CBD company with the highest quality products, and I absolutely love their CBD hair mask, hair oil, & bath bombs. Use the link to grab them as a bundle & the code AUDREY at checkout will get you a discount!

6) Natural Bath Bombs that make a Rainbow in the Tub: Another amazing Amazon find! These bath bombs are shaped like white clouds, but they release a rainbow tail in the bathtub. They're also made with natural and safe ingredients! Definitely snag these if you love bath bombs.


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