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Elevate Your Health in 2022

There couldn't be a better time to make wellness part of your goal strategies! 

The same hormones that control your menstrual cycle also influence your mood, energy, metabolism, brain chemistry, & more all month long. While men have hormonal cycles that last 24 hours, ours last 21-35 days & change 4 times throughout the month. 

Instead of trying to push through PMS, stress, fatigue, irritability, & other frustrating symptoms of imbalance, I'm here to teach you how to use your hormones as superpowers to create mental clarity, naturally increase your energy, calm your stress, & reach your goals without sacrificing your health ever again.

Both of these amazing programs are designed for ambitious, health-conscious women & you get to choose which opportunity that's right for you:

Synch Your Strength

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Synch Your Strength is a unique, transformational experience that teaches you how to build muscle, use your hormones as superpowers (both in & out of the gym or studio), & build a stronger relationship with yourself.


By combining the power of strength training with intelligent strategy based on the menstrual cycle & female physiology, you'll break out of your fitness rut, gain muscle, clear your PMS symptoms, & gain unshakeable confidence in the way you take care of your body!

For 12 weeks, you'll work privately with not just one, but TWO incredible coaches:

Audrey S. Geyer, High Performance Women's Health Coach & Fertility Awareness Educator & Kendyll Mayfield, Strength Coach & Personal Trainer.

We'll teach you how to align your workouts, nutrition, recovery, & self-care with the 4 phases of your cycle so that your hormones go from being a dreaded inconvenience to a source of empowerment!

Your personalized workout plans will match the ebb & flow of your hormones to deliver the results you desire, while your work & relationships THRIVE as you learn to improve your energy, mood, & create balance in your life.

The Details:

  • 6 1:1 sessions with Audrey (on alternating weeks) focused on Women's Health, nutrition, energy, strategic self-care, & using your cycle as a life hack. 

  • 6 1:1 sessions with Kendyll (on alternating weeks) focused on learning to strength train & align your favorite workouts with your cycle for optimal results

  • Personalized plans & action steps from both your coaches

  • Resources that will equip you to make the most of every day-- during & after graduating Synch Your Strength!

  • Unlimited communication with both of your coaches

The Investment:
$1800, payment plans available

The Well Feminine Collective

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The Well Feminine Collective is a Women's Hormonal Health small group program for high-achieving, holistically focused women who are redefining success: they're the women who not only want to conquer their goals, but who also want to have the wellness to enjoy their lives every step of the way! 

We're breaking the cycle of burnout & breaking up with PMS by learning to biohack our energy, mood, stress, & focus in a way that is uniquely designed for women's health & based on the science of the menstrual cycle, female sex hormones, & more!

For 12 weeks, you'll learn alongside like-minded women about how your menstrual cycle affects your whole body & overall health, nutrition for optimal cycles & energy, & biohacking your happy hormones, stress hormones, & self-care.

The Details:

  • 6 sessions on alternating weeks (Thursday evenings, 6pm CST, beginning January 20th)

  • Hormonal Health Lifestyle Guides

  • Group for weekly communication & support

  • AMAZING BONUS: You'll be invited to learn a Fertility Awareness Based Method (optional, but extremely valuable) so that you can learn to accurately chart your cycles for health, to naturally prevent pregnancy, or to plan to try to conceive. 

The Investment:
$825 until January 4th & $1025 after, payment plans available

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