Synch Your Strength

Using Female Physiology as a Superpower in Fitness, Business, & Life

Hormones & your menstrual cycle don’t just impact how you feel for one week. They influence your body & brain chemistry all month long.

Over 21-35 days (depending on your cycle length), you shift through 4 different phases of your cycle, which each have their own unique hormonal blueprint that determines....


  • Your energy levels & mood.

  • Your metabolism.

  • The types of activities you’re actually motivated to do & can be productive with.

  • How resilient or sensitive to stress you are.


… & even how your muscles grow, how tense or flexible your tendons & ligaments are, and so much more!

Synch Your Strength is a unique, transformational experience that combines strength training with intelligent strategy, based on female physiology & the menstrual cycle. If you want a strong body, a strong metabolism, & an even stronger relationship with yourself, this is for you! 


Unlike women, men have 24 hour hormonal cycles. Most fitness & productivity advice is about following a daily routine, which is perfect for male hormones! In fact, they’ve usually been exclusively studied on men, then marketed as if they’re for everyone... but have you ever found yourself crushing your workouts & being super productive one week, then the next week you somehow feel like you’re less in shape, less tolerant of your workouts, & like you’re spinning your wheels at work?

You’re not less in shape, lazy, or undisciplined. You don’t need a WebMD diagnosis or a new morning routine created by a male CEO and self-help guru. You just need to understand the missing piece of the puzzle: what’s happening in your body and brain.


If you’re a woman who... 


  • Has a menstrual cycle and just said “WHAT?! Why wasn’t I taught this?! I need to learn more!” 

  • Loves health & fitness, but has only been getting lackluster results & is ready to take herself to the next level

  • Works SO hard, but deals with stress that prevents her from feeling like she can really enjoy and celebrate herself

  • Experiences fatigue, irritability, and low mood around her cycle

  • Deals with other PMS symptoms, like bloating, hormonal acne, cramps, cravings, and more

… then this program was specifically DESIGNED FOR YOU!


As a graduate of Synch Your Strength, you’ll be able to confidently understand what your body & brain need to best reach your goals, feel more fit & balanced, and have a strategy for achieving high-performance results by harnessing the power of your hormones.

The US Women's Soccer Team used cycle synching to influence their training-- and they won the World Cup! Imagine what you can achieve with better performance, better recovery, more energy, and less PMS!

Program Features

Synch Your Strength offers a high level of support, high accountability, and high performance results!

Each of our Founding Clients will receive:

  • Eight (8) 45-minute 1:1 health coaching sessions with Audrey, focused around cycle synching & using your hormones to your advantage in the gym, work, & life.

  • Eight (8) 45-minute personalized strength training sessions with Kendyll, focused around making strategic changes according to your cycle to build strength & confidence in your fitness routine. 

  • Support & accountability so that you can implement these strategies well beyond the length of the program

  • The complete collection of lifestyle guides from Audrey's High-Performance Women's Wellness Program

  • Workout plans

  • An audit of your current fitness routine so that you can get more out of the workouts and classes you already love

  • Access to an app that allows your coaches (Audrey & Kendyll) to see the workouts you're logging & where you are in your cycle as you track for improved support & planning

  • Upon successful completion of the program, clients will also receive 3 complementary follow up sessions (1 per month over 3 months) so that we can continue to support you & ensure you're able to implement what you learn in the program!

    Due to the high level of support & the nature of this experience, only 4 spots are available! 


Meet The Team

In early 2021, Kendyll reached out to Audrey about becoming a client in her High-Performance Women's Wellness Program after seeing a post about being able to increase mental clarity & productivity by working with the strengths of your menstrual cycle. After working together for a couple weeks, Audrey also became one of Kendyll's personal training clients to incorporate more strength training into her fitness routine. 

We began discussing how our hormones change multiple times throughout the month and what that does to our performance, energy levels, muscle recovery, body image, and more. Kendyll began using what we talked about in her own fitness routine, while Audrey kept strategically adding in more strength when she knew it would be most beneficial. (FUN FACT: You know who else trains according to their cycles? The U.S. Women's Soccer Team when they won the World Cup!)

Within a short amount of time, they both experienced amazing improvements in their results! Friends and clients were asking what they were doing differently, but the best part is that we achieved these results came with less stress, while working fast-paced careers, and still spending time with our loved ones & practicing self-care. 

At that point, we knew that we couldn't keep this to ourselves! We saw so many women who would also feel so empowered by these tools and practices, so Synch Your Strength was created as a 2 month 1:1 program to teach women how to reach their goals in the best way possible & set them up for long-term results!



"How do I know if this program is right for me?"

Are you a woman in your 20s and 30s with a menstrual cycle? Are you interested in health & fitness, but only halfway satisfied with your routine (either loving your workouts, but not experiencing the results you want, or trying to push yourself through a plan that you're just not into) or want to take your results to the next level, while increasing your body literacy? Do you experience burnout, stress, & PMS? Do you want your body to naturally give you more energy, a better mood, & improved physical and mental performance? If so, this was created for you! 

"Is this a weight loss program?"

No, Synch Your Strength is not a weight loss program. Many times, when intentional weight loss is the goal, it means that what it takes to achieve that goal will overshadow what is most healthy and sustainable. For this reason, Synch Your Strength focuses on women's health and doing what will help your body feel & function at it's best! 

"Why does this cost more than a monthly studio membership?" 

Synch Your Strength is a unique program and transformational experience. This isn't a "pay per class" situation. Instead, it's an investment in learning tools, receiving coaching, and empowering your life well beyond the time we're together. We feel confident that women in our program will experience a high ROI (return on investment) by improving their health, energy, mood, fitness performance, and life in a way that compliments the unique strengths of the female body & brain chemistry.

We're also only working 4 clients and dedicating a lot of our time to them. Instead of being in a group with 20 other people, you get our individual time, energy, and attention as we team up & make our best talents available to you for 60 days.

"What is the enrollment period?" 

The current session of Synch Your Strength is only for Summer 2021 and when our spots are filled, enrollment closes. This is not an evergreen program and does not offer enrollment on a rolling basis, so if you're interested, act quickly!

"Why is the menstrual cycle important?" 

Welcome to what you WISH you were taught in health class! The menstrual cycle is more than just your period-- it's a 21-35 day cycle that includes 4 phases: Menstrual, Follicular, Ovulation, and Luteal. Each phase has a different hormonal blueprint, as our hormones ebb and flow throughout the month. These hormones impact your energy, mood, muscles, tendons, ligaments, metabolism, and more. 

Men, on the other hand, have 24 hour hormonal cycles.Unfortunately, because women aren't taught about our bodies, we tend to try to force ourselves to operate the same way day-to-day, the way men do-- and when we can't, we usually feel frustrated, guilty, or push ourselves until we burn out.

Female hormones contain incredible properties that can be advantageous in fitness, business, relationships, and life, but as long as we're still trying to operate the same every day (like men), we're unintentionally working against ourselves and increasing our stress. This program allows you to learn to understand your body so that you can fix that!

"Why is strength training important?" 

Muscle is the single most metabolic and anti-aging tissue in the body, so exercising in a way that builds muscle is important for our hormones. It supports our posture and physique as we age, while also allowing us to spend less time in the gym, break the cycle of back to back workouts just to burn calories or feel a difference, and more time enjoying our lives!