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Fertility Awareness Method

SymptoHormonal Fertility Awareness Method is a standardized, evidence-based method that teaches women how to understand their own cycles & accurately gather data on their hormonal health from the comfort of their own home.

SymptoHormonal F.A.M. can help you....

  • chart & understand your hormonal health

  • prevent pregnancy naturally & with up to 99% efficacy (when used correctly & taught by an instructor for accurate understanding of how to chart + the rules of the method)

  • to prepare for pregnancy & increase chances of conception when you're ready to grow your family

With Fertility Awareness Method Instruction, Audrey will teach you...

  • how your menstrual cycle works & how your sex hormones impact your overall health as a woman

  • how to monitor, measure, & chart your hormonal activity at home every day in a way that is simple, clear, & accurate

  • how to tell what phase of your cycle you're in & determine whether you're currently fertile or not in a clear, objective way with science-backed rules. Whether you want natural birth control or you're trying to conceive, you'll understand how to achieve that goal!

  • whether or not your cycle shows healthy hormonal activity 

  • ....& more!

Each F.A.M. lesson (3 lessons are typical) involves both auditory + visual instruction, opportunity to ask questions, & practice charting/ interpreting sample charts. By the end of your first session, you will be able to begin charting your cycle on your own! 

Private F.A.M. Instruction with Audrey includes...

  • Up to 6 hours of LIVE education & support

  • Weekly "chart checks" so that I can support you as you go for 3 cycles (more can be added if desired)

The rate for this service is only $325 (flat rate) for knowledge & a skill you can use until menopause. In order to ensure availability, you're encouraged to book your instruction 3-6 weeks in advanced. 

Book a FREE Discovery Call to learn more & apply:

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