High-Performance Women's Wellness Program

The High-Performance Women’s Wellness Program blends science with intuitive, actionable lifestyle tools. The program makes learning about hormones approachable and empowering, instead of overwhelming. 

My 1:1 High Performance Women’s Wellness Program is for women who are passionate about their goals and are motivated to take care of themselves, their business or careers, and their health... but they still experience burnout and PMS. These symptoms stop them from being fully satisfied, happy, and balanced in their lives.

Sometimes you might think “yeah, I know I feel this way or have these symptoms because of my hormones…” but you might not know which hormones and they’re done settling for recurring stress. They want to use a natural method that balances their hormones, makes them feel confident, and gives them sustainable results.

This program is not about 

If this sounds like you, you can book a Discovery Call with me to see if we're the right fit for each other! I'd love to hear more about your story, give you valuable tips you can start using now, and if you're the right fit, offer you a spot in my program.

My programs last either 12-weeks or 6-weeks and include… 


  • Teaching you how to understand your month-long hormonal cycle and how it impacts your mood, energy, brain chemistry, metabolism, and more. 

  • Understanding not only your sex hormones, but 4 other groups of hormones that impact you feel, act, and look! 

  • Proven strategies for reaching your goals in a way that works with the ebb and flow of your hormones instead of against it! Truly learn how to work smarter (not harder) and stop feeling like you’re struggling with consistent progress and productivity.

  • An intuitive, functional approach to supporting your hormones with food based on nutrients that every woman needs. My clients feel results without diets. I empower them with knowledge that empowers their nutritional choices without restrictive rules! 

  • Radical Acts of Self-Care that reduce your stress and boost your mood hormones! Learn to play offence on your energy, peace, and well-being. 

  • & more!


In the High-Performance Women’s Wellness Program, we begin by looking at the challenges you’re experiencing, what your goals are, and what your lifestyle looks like. I want to know your preferences, what parts of your life you cherish, and where your future is headed. This program is life-giving, not limiting!

During our sessions, I walk you step-by-step through your hormonal cycle and how to feel the changes that are occurring. Based on your needs and goals, we create plans that balance your hormones and move you towards your goals. Each week, we unpack what you’re learning, what’s coming up in your life, and how you’re feeling.

By the end, you'll feel and see improvements in your hormonal symptoms-- and the people around you, whether it's your partner, your friends, or your co-workers might also be showering you with compliments about how you're becoming the highest version of yourself! 

As a client, you receive…

  • Knowledge that allows you to take responsibility for your health, boosts your energy, calms and lifts your mood, reduces your period pain, lowers your stress, and most importantly-- improves the way you feel about yourself and are able to live, work, and feel!

  • 6-12 weeks of 60 minute weekly 1:1 virtual coaching sessions 

  • My signature guides that give you a wealth of information in written form, but in an easy-to-understand and not overwhelming way! You get to keep these for your personal use for life and they include lots of information on balancing your hormones for easy reference.

  • The ability to communicate with me in between sessions via email, social media, or text if you have any questions, sudden insight, or just an idea that popped up.

The investment begins at $510+

Because this is a 1:1 program, you must book a Discovery Call before joining. This allows us to make sure we're a good mutual fit and for me to be able to offer you value, as well as a spot in my program.