High-Performance Women's Health Coaching

Did you know that your monthly cycle doesn't start in your ovaries or uterus? It starts in your brain!

High-Performance Women's Health Coaching is designed to help ambitious, menstruating women reach more of their goals with less stress & feel happier at work & home.


This is perfect for you if.....

  • PMS makes you feel like someone else. On the outside, you might be killing it, but the stress, irritability, & changes in mood are killing your usual positive vibe.

  • You'll have 1-2 weeks where you feel productive & confident. You feel like you've cracked the code, so you plan another productive week.... then you feel like you're spinning your wheels, getting distracted, have brain fog, or don't feel like doing anything you planned. 

  • The week of your period has always felt painful, gross, or just "blah." If you could just get those days back, you would feel so much better about yourself!

  • You're experiencing bloating, water weight, & digestive troubles that change throughout your cycle.

  • You want to learn to LOVE your body & consistently take care of yourself in a way that doesn't feel like a punishment & actually gets results.

Throughout your 21-35 day cycle (*days may vary, this is a normal range), as your sex hormones change, so does your brain chemistry, energy, mood, metabolism, & more. Learning how these changes work & how to use them to your advantage, instead of fighting against the tide, means that you can work towards your goals while promoting your well-being.


You'll receive personalized plans & insight so that you can prioritize hormonal health in your busy lifestyle in a way that is sustainable, seamless with your preferences, & helps you achieve your desired results. By aligning the actions you take in your health, career, home, & social life with the strengths your changing female hormones are already trying to give you, you can learn to work with your body instead of against it! 

Investments in this service range from $250-2100, depending on package & deliverables.