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Refreshing Follicular Phase Salad

GARDEN PARTY IN YOUR MOUTH is the only way to describe this salad! With kale (a cruciferous veggie, important for estrogen detox), fennel to fight bloating & to aid in digestion, the sweetness of summer peaches, omega-3 rich hemp seeds, & more, this salad is seasonal, bright, refreshing, & perfect for your follicular phase & ovulation! During follicular phase, estrogen starts rising. Estrogen makes insulin more sensitive, which lowers your blood glucose levels & makes blood sugar balance easier for most women. This causes the cravings you may have experienced during your period or if you deal with PMS to vanish. Now you're feeling more satisfied by fresh produce, lean proteins, & light meals. Estrogen retains water, so keeping up with proper hydration and electrolytes plus introducing foods that are great for gut health keep you feeling your best. In Cycle Synching, you align your actions with what your hormones are doing for your body-- so by eating in a way that compliments how you feel, you'll encourage your body to have a happier, healthier cycle all month long! *Cue glowing skin, better metabolism, & cheerful mood* This could also be an appetizing side salad or you could make it the main event!

Shop these bowls & board! Ingredients: 1 cup cooked quinoa

2 handfuls of kale Handful of fresh basil 1-2 sliced fresh peaches

1/2 cup of shredded fresh fennel 3 tablespoons of Hemp Seeds Pink Himalayan Salt Extra Virgin Olive Oil Lemon juice How To Make It: 1) In a bowl, mix the kale & quinoa (I make this when the quinoa is cooled off & no longer warm). 2) Use a grater to shred the fennel at the root. Slice the peaches on all 4 sides on the outside of the pit, then slice them into smaller sections from there. If you slice down the middle, the fruit may not come off of the pit. 3) Layer on the basil, fennel, peaches, & hemp seeds. 4) Sprinkle with a small amount of Pink Himalayan Salt, drizzle with EVOO, squeeze lemon juice on top, then toss & serve or dig into a big bowl of it all by yourself.


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