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As a business, my focus is on women's health, education on hormones & the menstrual cycle, & working with women one-on-one. However, I love to sprinkle in features of brands that I personally use, love, & trust who also support women being able to live happy, healthy, & successful lives.

I focus especially on brands that are female founded, actually useful/ empowering, & that either give back to a worthy cause or prioritize health education.

By using these links & my codes, I earn a small commission. Then, I use the commission to invest back into my business so that I can continue to give you free, high quality content & my clients the best resources. 

You can also access my LTK here to shop the clean makeup I use, activewear I love, & more. 

Thank you for supporting these incredible brands & my business as well!



TempDrop takes the stress out of tracking one of the most important hormonal biomarkers women have for their cycles & fertility! Instead of having to worry about waking up at the same time every day & sticking a thermometer under your tongue before you even roll over, you just wear TempDrop & it tracks continuously for you overnight.

This is the ONLY tracking device I can honestly recommend both to women who are trying to avoid pregnancy, trying to achieve pregnancy, or just looking for insight on their health.

Promo Code: audreysgeyer-15

Modern Picnic creates lunchboxes that look like chic handbags! They carry a varitey of different sizes, which are all insulated insulated, high quality (*chefs kiss*), & can take you from work, to the gym, to date night while still looking FABULOUS!

Modern Picnic also supports causes like I Am A Voter, The Trevor Project, Dress for Success, & The Pink Agenda.


Take Control of Your Stress, Sex, & Sleep


This female founded brand takes CBD to the next level by pairing it with thoughtful ingredients that melt away stress, make you feel more present in your body, or whisk you off to dreamland. While other companies left me thinking "does this really work... or not?," House of Wise has gone above & beyond to empower women with products that fulfill their promise.

House of Wise also gives back to Last Prisoner Project, which advocates for Americans who are incarcerated only due to possession or use of cannabis. 

Clean & Trustworthy Skincare, Self-Tanner, Bath Products, & more

I originally found Beauty by Earth when I was looking for a non-toxic & hormone-friendly self-tanner. Beauty by Earth is the BEST self-tanner I've ever tried & since then, I've also loved their face wash, body wash, face oil, sunscreen, dry shampoo, dry brush, & more!



Purely Elizabeth creates gluten & dairy free products (made in a gluten free facility) like granola, oatmeal, bread & muffin mixes, and more. They include ingredients like collagen, probiotics, whole GF grains (super important!), seeds, & other superfoods.

Shopping on the website means you have access to products that aren't carried at your local grocery store, you get 10% off with my code, & free shipping after $30!

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