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Why Your Period is Worse Around The Holidays

If you’ve noticed that your period during the holidays came with extra PMS, worsened cramping, pressure in the lower belly or back, & digestive troubles, then you can be sure that the Holiday season is adding to your menstrual symptoms. Many women report their worst period symptoms of the year December- February! Some women have dealt with these symptoms for as long as they’ve had a menstrual cycle. If this is your experience, you may have been told this is “normal” or to just pop some ibuprofen. This information will also be relevant to you & will help you implement natural solutions for your period pain! Primary dysmenorrhea, the leading cause of menstrual cramps or period pain, is caused by elevated levels of a hormone called prostaglandins.

Prostaglandins cause contractions in the uterus to shed the uterine lining during your period. During a healthy cycle, this process will not cause pain, vomiting, or for you to have to miss out on work or other normal activities. Unfortunately, due to excess inflammation created by stress, imbalanced blood sugar, alcohol, & other lifestyle factors, the prostaglandins can get too high– leading to painful cramps, digestive troubles (read: “period poops”), & other uncomfortable symptoms.

While you should enjoy the holidays & never feel guilty about eating the foods you enjoy, finding balance that keeps your holiday season AND your hormones happy is completely possible! With just a little bit of planning & effort, these will not only reduce your period pain during the holidays, but all year long! Here are 3 tips to reduce inflammation & period pain around the holiday season:

1. Eat More Omega-3s Salmon might not be a traditional Christmas food, but maybe it should be! Fish like salmon, tuna, & mackerel, plus chia seeds & hemp seeds all contain Omega 3s. Your goal should be to consume more Omega-3 than Omega-6 (found in safflower & sunflower oil, meat, & processed food) in order to have the correct ratio of fatty acids. Consuming Omega-3 rich foods throughout your entire cycle reduces inflammation in the body, prevents period pain, benefits brain health, & even supports your skin!

2. Red Raspberry Leaf Tea Drink a soothing, warm, uncaffeinated cup of Red Raspberry Leaf tea daily to tone & strengthen the uterus, reducing cramps. Even though this is not a quick fix, it’s one that is super affordable & doesn’t take much effort!

3. Eat Your Food in This Order

Eat leafy green or non-starchy vegetables first, protein or fat second, then carbs & sugar immediately after. Simply by adjusting the order in which you consume foods, you reduce your blood sugar spike significantly!

This will make your meal more satisfying, prevent crashes, & reduce cravings without any need to deprive yourself or restrict foods.

By making this small step towards balancing your blood sugar, you’ll help minimize inflammation that leads to PMS and cramps.


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