Elevate Your Health

You’re working on yourself, practicing self-care & taking huge steps towards your goals… but you still feel burned out, moody, & irritable.

You're working out & eating healthy… but you still get bloated, exhausted, & deal with PMS monthly.

You're taking care of your skin… but the hormonal acne keeps coming back.

You're told these things are "normal," but you don't want to settle for normal. You're driven, determined, & deserve to feel the balance & confidence you're working towards.


Audrey S. Geyer

Women's Health Coach & Fertility Awareness Educator

Leaving nothing unintentional or uninspired, Audrey is your go-to source for authentic, relatable women's health coaching & content with a fresh perspective on what it means to live a balanced life.

She teaches ambitious, health-conscious women how to understand their cycles, rebuild trust & confidence with their bodies, & bio-hack the hormones behind their ovulatory cycles, mood, & energy.

Audrey believes that busy, high-achieving women need holistic practices that fit their lifestyles & allows them to do more of what they love-- and to feel great while doing it!